Julie – Preschool Manager (BA, PGCE)

Designated Safeguard Lead as part of Safeguarding Team and First Aider

I joined the Pavilion team in March 2018 and am proud to be part of our lovely community of staff, children and parents! As a mum to two little girls, I know exactly why our parents rely on Pavilion. Whilst I am a Primary trained teacher, my passion has always been working with children during their early years. I am half way through studying for my MA in Early Years Education with UCL’s Institute of Education.

I am dedicated to the principle that access to high-quality, holistic early years education is the best possible start in life with far-reaching benefits for a child. I believe all children are rich in knowledge and are capable learners, and I feel it is our job to be partners in their learning by supporting and inspiring them. I want to ensure that our environment remains nurturing and stimulating and that our learning culture develops confidence and independence. All of these principles are at the core of what Pavilion offers every day, which is why I’m so at home here.

I’ve worked in a variety of settings in the EYFS and lower Key Stage 1, including maintained schools, a charity preschool, a Pupil Referral Unit and a daycare centre. My last role was as Centre Coordinator at Bright Beginnings Childcare, the nursery on campus at the University of Leeds.

Here at Pavilion, I work closely with the management team to support our staff to work to give their best to the children at all times, to regularly reflect on and improve practice and to ensure that any child or family needing additional help is given support in a way that is sensitive to their needs and coordinates assistance from external agencies.

Jo – Office Manager (BSC)

First Aider

I first became involved with Pavilion as a parent to my two children, when it was recommended to me by my neighbour. As soon as I walked in to the building I knew it was the right place to for my family. The garden was lovely, the staff were experienced, warm and friendly and it felt like I was leaving my children with family.

When my children came along I decided to take some time out of my career in marketing as Senior Brand Manager at Crown Paints. I was keen to remain busy and occupied, so I joined the parent committee and became involved in the organisation of the preschool and fundraising and was Chair of Trustees until July 2017. Pavilion really captured my heart; previously I had not realised how much support not-for-profit organisations like Pavilion need from volunteer committee members to help run the business whilst the wonderful staff are busy with the children.

My background and passion is colour and design. I enjoy encouraging children to think creatively, be artistic and proud of their own achievements. Whilst I don’t work day to day with the children I can often be found drawing, painting or dancing in the preschool room!

Delyth – Deputy Manager (B.Ed Hons, BTEC Nursery Nurse)

Designated Safeguarding Officer as part of Safeguarding Team (Deputy Lead), First Aider and Food Hygiene.

I have worked at Pavilion since 2013. Prior to that I was a teacher, having accumulated a total of 20 years of experience in early years education. I am dedicated to the principle that a positive, nurturing, caring and team-based approach to education in the very early years shapes a child’s whole education and starts it off in the right direction – I have always loved being right at the very heart of this process.

At home I have two teenagers, a daughter and a son. My son has significant additional social and medical needs this has given me a deep and sometimes painful understanding of some of the issues families have to face. I am proud that within Pavilion we aim to be inclusive and are committed to help each child develop in their own way.

Latterly I have come to realise that in order to achieve truly excellent outcomes, the individually excellent aspects of Pavilion’s work have to be coordinated and organised – and this led me to look towards management. I enjoy the challenge of piecing together our resources to get the best possible outcomes. In particular, I have responsibility for overseeing the different learning areas in our setting and there’s nothing that thrills me more than seeing a child become immersed in something and enjoying learning almost as if they’re discovering it for themselves. As part of the Management team at Pavilion, I am here to listen and help parents and staff alike and to value their input.

Lastly, although I’ve lived in Liverpool for more than 20 years, my heart has always belonged to Wales. So, don’t be surprised if your children pick up a few words and phrases in Welsh to help you on your holidays!

Karen – Deputy Manager (PGCE Early Years)

Sendco, Safeguarding Officer as part of Safeguarding Team and First Aider.

I have worked at Pavilion since April 2013 and was previously a volunteer.  I have two boys who both attended Pavilion. As a parent and as an employee I have an insight into how valuable Pavilion is to the local community.

I worked for ten years in an Infant School in
Norris Green, working from EYFS to Y2 and was also the SENDCo there in the year before I had my children. Since then I have been looking after my family and have been involved in a voluntary capacity in preschools, primary schools, special schools and in riding for the disabled. Whilst living in Oxfordshire I was employed as a teaching assistant supporting a child with additional needs before moving back to Liverpool in 2012 and joining Pavilion as a volunteer.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to use the skills that I have acquired over the years and in several settings to help the preschool children to grow, learn and have a lot of fun together.

Helen – Early Years Practitioner (BA, QTS)

First Aider

I have worked at Pavilion since September 2014. Before this I was a stay at home mum for 13 years to my three children, having previously been a class teacher in London.

I have also taught after school drama classes for primary aged children and for the Special Educational Needs Inclusion Support Service, supporting children with special educational needs in the early years. I was also a children’s pastor at a local church for five years and helped run various toddler groups.

I have always loved being with and teaching children in their early years. I find that watching them develop, grow and learn new things every day enriches my life. Creating spaces and environments where children can explore the awe and wonder in a safe and nurturing environment is really important to me.

Salma – Early Years Practitioner (Level 3 Childcare)

Designated Safeguarding Officer as part of Safeguarding Team and First Aider, Food Hygiene

I first joined the Pavilion team as a parent volunteer in 2010, when my eldest boy was at the preschool. I returned to the team when my youngest son joined in 2012. This introduction to the early years had such a profound and positive effect on me that I decided to do my Level 3 training in childcare at Pavilion. Having moved over from Pakistan in 2004, my career in childcare has been built around the Pavilion team, who have always supported me. As a working parent, I find that I fully appreciate the needs of our individual families.

As a mum to children with specific health and educational needs I fully understand the importance of treating children as individuals. I enjoy working closely with children to encourage and support their development in their early years. My role as a key person at Pavilion means that I build special relationships with the children in my key group and help them to fulfil their potential. As an additional Designated Safeguarding Officer, I support the management team to ensure all children’s needs are met.

Gina – Early Years Practioner (Level 2 Childcare)

My Pavilion journey started as a parent volunteer, and then formally joined team in 2016. I have a background in administration but have found the transition to working with young children natural and easy, as I am so passionate about getting things right for children in their early years. I’m now studying for my Level 3 Early Years Educator certificate.

I have three children and it was through my son attending that Pavilion became so familiar to me as a regular parent helper. My son loved coming to preschool and as he required additional support, I always found it particularly important that all children are treated as individuals and that their needs must be met on that basis as his were at Pavilion. I could see the staff were absolutely dedicated to the children. The atmosphere here is lovely and the children are very happy – the environment is an extension of home. Pavilion provided everything I would demand as a parent, so I was happy to join the team.

I love the great outdoors as I believe playing outside is beneficial for our children’s health. I love walking, gardening and growing my own veg, so the garden area at preschool is ideal for me to encourage the children to grow their own green fingers. It’s therapeutic and calming, so seeing a child eat something they have grown with their own hands, whilst getting mucky and a wearing a big smile, is one of life’s simplest pleasures for me!

Ruth – Early Years Practitioner (QTS)

First Aider

I have been part of Pavilion the team since Easter 2017. I have always been involved in the education setting throughout my career and thoroughly enjoy working with young children, seeing them blossom into their full potential.

I have acquired many certificates and awards along my journey, in over twenty years of educating children. I have a passion to work with our talented staff, and alongside the caring families of our preschool, in supporting our little children, who are the centre and essence of our preschool community.

Anne Marie – Early Years Practioner (NNEB)

I joined the Pavilion team in September 2018. As the proud mum of a young son and daughter I know how important it is to find a caring, nurturing and fun early learning environment for children.

I qualified as a nursery nurse over 20 years ago, starting my career in a day nursery caring for children from 0-5 years. I have gained lots of knowledge and experience on this journey through roles in childcare. Having had a short break working as a sales assistant and volunteering with Year 1 in my children’s school, I realised my heart lay in working with children in their early years and was able to join the team at the Wavertree playgroup my children had attended.

The playgroup offered not-for-profit early education and care just like Pavilion, and when it sadly closed in 2018, I was lucky and privileged to become part of the Pavilion team. I have enjoyed every minute and already feel at home with such a wonderful team of staff, parents, volunteers and of course, children! I am looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to keep providing a happy and loving environment for the children.

Lesley – Early Years Practioner (NNEB)

I started at Pavilion in September 2018, and what a great time to join Pavilion! I am excited to be a part of the team as we begin a new journey together with the ‘Curiosity Approach’.

Originally from Yorkshire, I qualified in 1983 and worked in a Bradford reception class, supporting children with English as an additional language. In Liverpool, around having my own children, I have worked in nurseries, primary schools, parent and toddler groups, child minding and holiday clubs.

I find Pavilion to be a warm and nurturing, happy place. I have been impressed by the creative areas around preschool that provide open invitations to come and play and explore. I value the uniqueness of each child and the importance of listening and talking with each of them. It builds confidence as we communicate that what they say really matters. You’ll be amazed what you can learn from a great conversation with a three year old!

I am a keen gardener and enjoy sharing my enjoyment of nature and outdoors with children. I enjoying cooking/ baking, arts & crafts, stories, rhymes and song. I enjoy celebrating their achievements from the smallest to the greatest successes and I can say with confidence my colleagues at Pavilion all feel the same!

Mona Sabah

Trainee Early Years Practioner

I started as a Trainee Early Years Practitioner at Pavilion in September 2018. Thanks to Pavilion for giving me an opportunity to nurture my interests in the early childhood learning environment.

I have a passion for working with children and firmly believe that my genuine love and care for them will open up their potential and assist their development.

I am undertaking Cache level 2 training in childcare, which I think will help me more to understand issues related to children holistic development in depth. I have previous experience with early childhood learning in my home country Bangladesh.

My role at Pavilion is to engage with children’s activities through play, address their unique needs, understand and work in accordance with EYFS best practice as well as work under the supervision of the pre-school team.

I have two children, one son and one daughter, both at secondary school.