Our History

Pavilion Preschool (Aigburth) was established in 1969 by six young mothers who felt that preschool facilities were lacking in the area at that time.  Originally operating out of the Cricket Club on Aigburth Road, the playgroup moved to the old Woodlands Tennis Pavilion on Dundonald Road, the site we occupy today.

The original preschool building was an old wooden World War 1 army hut, and the preschool operated inside this building and surrounding tennis courts for many happy years. In the late 1980’s the land own by Liverpool Health Authority/Crofton Estate was sold for building development. After much negation the property developers gifted a section of land for community preschool use under the condition that the old building was replaced. The trustees at the time undertook a huge community project to raise the funds required to buy a reconditioned portakabin, this is the building we still use today.

The Pavilion we have today is born from the hard work, tenacity and dedication of every parent in the community who has given their time to help support our preschool. Today, nearly 50 years on, we have created a wonderful environment where many local children have enjoyed attending Pavilion through the years – and long may this continue!