Big Build

Our Challenges

Our existing timber frame building is 30 years old and is at the end of its life. Capital investment is urgently needed to develop a building that best functions as a preschool, allowing children, staff and parents to learn, grow, think and listen in a stimulating, fun, multi experiential space. The building is beyond economic repair, we are spilling out in to garden sheds as office and storage space. The building has no efficient heating or temperature control, minimal toilet facilities, staff preparation areas, kitchen space and a makeshift office/staffroom/meeting space. These cramped, cold, damp conditions are not reflected in the wonderful experiences every child has with us each day, so just imagine what we could do with a new space, allowing more local children and families to start their journey into learning through our doors.

Our preschool business has been steadily increasing its opening hours from 15 per week to 32.5 hours per week over 3 years and is currently at 100% occupancy with a waiting list. We are aware of the gap in the local market for breakfast and after school care as well as holiday clubs, but our currently building prevents developing this business opportunity. As a not-for -profit community spirited charity this opportunity would fit with our community principles and support many local families with much needed quality childcare, returning additional revenue to be invested in the core preschool business.

Our Goal

We intend to raise the funds required to replace the crumbling portakabin building and re-shape the outdoor play spaces.  Up to £300,000 investment is required.

This building will be an environmentally conscious, purpose designed, safe and secure single storey building filled with natural light that opens directly on to re-landscaped gardens and outdoor play areas, vegetable plots, dens and mud kitchen. The design brief will follow our principles of early years education allowing the best space for the staff and children to play and learn in partnership.  There will be a reception area and cloak room, a central adaptable play space, an atelier, kitchen area which the children can access, plus improved toilet facilities. There will be space for parents to talk, to each other or the early years staff team. There will be a place for the staff to work, think and rest. Everything will be designed in partnership with the children and staff, with the children curious nature in mind, opening up resources and new learning opportunities. A new building will allow flexibility in how we engage with our children and enable us to fully embrace our passion for exploratory play.

The primary objective is to continue to offer the best preschool experience for the Aigburth community into the future. Our new building will give us the tools to expand our business model, offering breakfast and after school and holiday clubs, or hiring the facility to local business owners to run community based programs such as music classes, adult learning, mindfulness classes, art lessons, sewing club, or yoga.

Can you help?

We are a very small team of passionate and dedicated Pavilioners – we really need your support!

Do you have experience that could be help our campaign, business planning, finance, fundraising, marketing, social media or project management?

Do you have any spare time and would like to join of team of volunteer fundraisers?

Does your employer offer CRS programme that could support us, or offer match funding? Does your employee offer kind donations that can support of project? 

Do you know of any funding streams that may be open to us, or would you like to make a private donation?

Please get in touch call 0151 345 6364, or email